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Hi, Nitzan Mosery here!  
First things first, I want to congratulate you on taking your first step towards a better, more secure, abundant life for you and your family. 

Buying apartment buildings in the way my Roadmap teaches you is truly an option for anybody. 
Remember, you don't need any money or experience! 

I was born and raised in New York City to an immigrant family. 

My parents didn't speak any English when they came to this country, and they had nothing but hopes and dreams. 

When I was 25 years old, my father passed away, and it threw me into a downward spiral. I left university without a degree. I didn't know what I was doing or why I was doing it. After 2 years of drinking myself into oblivion, I left NYC to travel the world. 

I became that stereotypical long-haired hippy with dreadlocks and no direction in life. 

Then, I met my future wife while visiting Portugal and went on to have 2 beautiful daughters with her.   

It's funny how having a family, people to provide for, and future's to mold changes everything. 

I wanted to build and provide a better life for them so, we could all:
  • Live on our own terms
  • ​Have free time to do what we were passionate about
  • ​Give back to our community
  • ​Never have to worry about bills, paychecks or pensions 
We moved to South Florida in 2009, and I started flipping houses
I knew Real Estate was the gateway to the life I wanted for myself and my family. 

The problem was the flipping market got too saturated. It was also dependent on the economy, and the thought of owning 100+ homes was way too labor-intensive. 
I wanted something that could earn money for me on autopilot, with little to no upfront investment required, and had a wide-open market. 

That's when I came across the idea of buying apartment buildings. 

I found myself a mentor and coach who was doing what I wanted to do and was successful at it. He taught me how to find deals, how to analyze them and how to manage them for huge profits.

Having a coach and mentor on my team took years off of the learning curve and it helped me stay out of trouble. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have a great mentor and coach. Through my mentor's coaching, I learned how to use other people's skills, talents and money.

To this day, I have transacted on over 1,400 units for a total of over $100 million worth of assets. 

But, to get there, I made every mistake imaginable, fell into every trap, and went down all the wrong paths possible...

These weekly strategy calls are to help cut your learning curve in HALF and make sure your journey to Real Estate success is as smooth as possible! 
Every Single Week On The Call You'll Be Able To: 
  • Ask me questions about your specific situation and get personalized answers to help you overcome any obstacle and uncertainty from the word GO. 
  • Get weekly accountability, support, and guidance from your very own community and a network of budding apartment building investors. 
And also...
  • Listen and learn from my other students at all different stages of their journeys.
  • ​Discover how to grow and scale your new venture to experience more success in your life.
The calls take place every Friday at 2 PM ET via Zoom conference. 
The subscription is rolling, which means you have complete control month in month out and can cancel at any time if, for any reason, you no longer feel it's for you. 

(However, you will lose the 82% monthly discount that you can lock in today!) 

Generally, though, my students stick around because they find the strategy calls so useful at every single stage of their journey. 
Take a look: 
 - Edwin Joiner.
 - Cliff Morgan
 - Ceaser Echeverri
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To make sure I'm delivering on all of my promises and providing the utmost value - I can only have a select number of students in the session. 

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